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Top 5 Xiaomi Gadgets You Have Never Heard of

Xiaomi has been showing its gadgets to the world for more than seven years, and it is unlikely that there will be at least one person who is not familiar with this name. At first, both smartphones and the first smart-house devices were released under the same Mi brand. But when the range of goods became huge, the shareholders decided to create a separate brand.

This is how MiJia was born. This significant event happened in 2014, and since then, the Mi Ecosystem gadgets have taken the leading positions in the market, turning simple houses into smart houses, and the recent fantasies of futurologists into everyday life.

Now it’s difficult to find out what is the main focus of the brand because they produce almost everything. Sensors for the MiJia smart home, their smart lamps, and teapots are popular all around the world. But there are some other gadgets that you probably have never heard of.

1. Smart liquid soap dispenser

We just got used to the smart trash bins and smart toilet lids, and the manufacturer went further. The automatic dispenser for liquid soap is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). It can be refilled with ordinary liquid soap. It turns liquid soap into foam, thus reducing the consumption of it. You can fill it with ordinary liquid soap, but if this soap is too dense, then it is recommended to dilute it with water a little bit. The infrared sensor controls the formation of foam. All you need to do is to bring your hand close to the dispenser. The dispenser itself projects 2.5 cm forward from the housing and is angled. Thus, the foam falls directly on your hands. A modestly-sized device takes up little space in the bathroom.

2. Smart fumigator Xiaomi MiJia Mosquito

The device runs on two AA batteries. They last from 30 up to 45 days if you use it for 10 hours a day. It refills with a spare cartridge. It is also important that it works without heating up significantly. If you install a fumigator in the house, its power will be enough for a room with an area of not more than 28 square meters.

3. Portable electric shaver

After electric toothbrushes and towels, the appearance of such a device is quite natural. A huge plus of this smart shave is that it charges from USB (Type C port). This makes the razor a very convenient gadget, especially when traveling. The razor is compact it weighs 100g and consumes 5 watts of power. It equipped with Japanese blades and a special brush for cleaning. It produces much less noise compared with counterparts. If you shave for 3 minutes every day, the battery will last for one month. A special control LED will warn the user that the charge is running out soon. You can even recharge this razor using a power bank.

5. Smart toothbrush

You won’t surprise anyone with an electric toothbrush. But even with it, it’s not always possible to make your teeth clean. But what about an ultrasonic toothbrush? Its bristles can fibrate of up to 31,000 vibrations per minute. And using the application, you can choose one of three cleaning modes and then evaluate the quality. This toothbrush is equipped with 6 sensors. Another advantage of the gadget is that it can be charged both from a charging station and from USB.

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