Thank you for considering a contribution to our campaign. We appreciate your support and understand the generous commitment that you are making. I do not believe that campaigns should be funded with taxpayer dollars, but instead should be supported by those who believe in our message for a brighter future and want to invest their own funds in Maine's greater success. Therefore, I tremendously appreciate your interest. Before making your contribution, please read the important information to the right.

You may also donate by a check payable to Jacobson for Governor. Please mail it to: Jacobson for Governor, P.O. Box 15273, Portland, ME 04112

Thank you again for your support.

Matthew Jacobson

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The contribution limit is $500 per person, corporation, or PAC. We are only taking contributions for the Primary Election. That means a $500 maximum limit per contributor through June 8, 2010.

These limits apply to contributions made by:

  • Individuals;
  • Committees including political and political action committees;
  • Businesses, corporations, firms and partnerships; and
  • Associations and organizations

After winning the Primary Election, the campaign can receive an additional $500 contribution per entity for the General Election.

If a couple wants to send $1,000, they should note that the contribution is to be split evenly between spouses. Business and PAC checks need to be separate from personal checks

In certain circumstances, affiliated businesses or organizations that each make a contribution to a candidate may be considered a single contributor for purposes of the $500 contribution limit for gubernatorial candidates. Candidates are expected to take reasonable actions to avoid accepting over-the-limit contributions from affiliated businesses or organizations.

Contributions made by a for-profit or non-profit corporation, including a parent company, subsidiary, branch, division, department, and local unit, and contributions made by a political committee or political action committee whose financial activities are financed, maintained, or controlled by a corporation are considered to be made by that corporation, political committee, or political action committee.

Two or more entities are considered a single contributor if they share the majority of the members of their boards or directors, share two or more officers, are owned or controlled by the same majority shareholder (s), or are in a parent-subsidiary relationship. A sole proprietorship and its owner are considered to be a single entity.

All contribution data collected by Jacobson for Governor will be used for state and federal campaign financial reporting purposes only. Please see our privacy statement for details. Individual donors are responsible for tracking personal contributions so that over-contributing does not occur. Should you make a contribution that exceeds the legal limit, Jacobson for Governor will issue a refund for the excess contribution. Should you have any questions regarding your donations, please contact the campaign via e-mail at